The weather is changing.

Ozark Roots sells plants that are ready.

Rainfall around the Ozarks is becoming more extreme, with heavier storms and more intense dry spells in between.

That means stressed and parched plants in gardens, parks and natural areas, leaving you to drench them continually during droughts -- or brace yourself for a dead landscape.

That’s where our plants come in.

Ozark Roots grows locally sourced wildlflowers, grasses, shrubs and trees that all meet several criteria: They're native to the Ozarks region; they're natural, wild-type varieties; and they're adapted for climate change with drought tolerance, flood tolerance or other resilient characteristics.

In other words, they're Made for Here. They can weather the changes that have already begun, and they can repair some of the damage that's causing these changes in the first place.

There’s no other nursery like Ozark Roots.

NWA is home to all manner of plant nurseries and garden centers, many of them emphasizing or even exclusively offering native species. And that’s great! But Ozark Roots is unique with its focus on both climate resilience and the Ozarks region.

Snow Covered Mountain Area Under White Skies

Made for Here


Native to the Ozarks

Naturally growing in, and sourced from, northwest Arkansas and southern Missouri.

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Wild-type varieties

No patented breeds, hybrids or other cultivars; these plants would be at home in the woods and prairies.


climate resilience

These species can adapt to a changing climate by tolerating drought and floods and controlling erosion.

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Protect the Ozarks in your own backyard.

Summer’s almost here, and the plants are growing. Find Ozark Roots at these upcoming events:

Bats & Bluegrass Festival

  • 5-9 p.m. Saturday, July 20
  • 221 S. Main St., Cave Springs, AR 72718

Conservation organizations: I want to help you! Please see my selection here and reach out at to arrange purchases directly.